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I awoke this morning to the sound of construction going on outside. I don’t know *why* exactly, but it made me smile. Why was loud noise gonna make me smile, ha ha. It turns out it was something to smile about — the new streetlights are going in. They’re LED and can be individually adjusted and all sorts of shiny things, and I’m hoping that it will help cut down some of the light pollution. It’s not dire, but one of the lights is on our corner, and it doesn’t really lend itself to stargazing.

Also shiny and new — we have a floor again, ha ha. Now that Z and I are mainly recovered to our normal levels of crappy function, we wanted to try and get the house back in order. I’ve got most of the laundry pushed through, Z cleared some stuff out of the garage to take to the tip, and myself and the girls tackled the lounge. They were awesome, ngl. Once we managed the worst of the sorting of things I knew we wanted to keep, I set up a ‘bye bye box’ for them to put trash and old toys in. They were quite happy to put things in themselves knowing what the point of it was, and didn’t object to the objects that I added. I mean, seriously y’all — children happily clearing out old toys in an objective, cheerful fashion. I’m really freaking proud of them.

((and yes, they knew what ‘bye bye’ meant, as Z took the box to the bin several times))

So yeah, that was awesome. I don’t know if we can keep the momentum rolling and tackle anything else, but I’m quite happy we managed that.

I’m also happy that the doctor surgery called me. I am way overdue for my medication review, so it was them pinning me down to come in and get that sorted. I’ve got a date and time later this week, and since I’m going to be there with Z, it’s going to be that bit easier to sit down and get a few more things booked in that I need to do, like a cervical smear. Executive dysfunction + summer hols + kids = really behind on these things, which I apologised to the lady calling about.

ANYWAYS. Children are down, so time to catch Game of Thrones before another spoiler pops up in my feed. Seriously y’all, don’t be dicks — keep the spoilers ‘private’ for at least 24 hours. Give the rest of the world a chance to freaking watch it.


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