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I realised this evening that Id’ not taken any of my pills today, so I took them all in one fell swoop. I might’ve felt like a rock star, but now I’ve got some heartburn going, ha ha. Or I probably bruised something on the way down. Suffices to say, I’m not impressed.

*manages a few comforting burps* Still hurts, but hurts less. La!

I’ve done a pretty good job today of doing nothing, so pat on the back and all that. We watched some football, I’ve gamed, and I’ve done some knitting. I need to get back to the knitting though if I’m going to get anywhere near my goal of finishing the first section of the shawl. That’s only about six rows away, but they’re slightly increasing rows so take a bit more time than the last. But it’s a reasonable goal, so I figure I’ll get back to it.


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