Peek At You!

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Or Pikachu. Har har har, I’m hilarious. <__< But I liked the whole part of myself in the mirror, ’cause yanno, fancy mirror. It’s fun.

I have done an incredibly good job of doing nothing today — huzzah! It took me all freaking day to get my morning writing done, but that was fine. That time was ‘wasted’ playing Prison Architect, which I haven’t been doing that well with. But I’ve been having fun, which is the main part. I’ve also made some minor progress on my knitting. I was hoping to get more done it, but eh. If I needed to completely blank out for self-care, then so be it. It’s certainly enabled me to ignore the headache all day, so hooray for that.

Ugh, I feel like I should be offering something more interesting and cogent, but that would require my brain actually turning on. So it goes.


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