Annoying the Cat

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Really though, annoying cats is fab, ha ha. She is very fond of sitting on the cushions atop the couch and surveying all that she reigns over. We had to put the red blanket there because she’s been doing some massive damage to our freaking new leather couch when she was trying to get traction for her tubby little body, and lo and behold, she can magically get up just fine now. ¬¬ I’m guessing that might also be in part with the fact that I insulted her by picking her up earlier today, and putting her up there. Oh, the ferocious grooming and studiously ignoring that brought on, ha ha.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all day. Like, I’ve been semi-famished, but when I did eat to sate, my stomach was doing a ‘ha ha, sike!’ sort of thing. Nothing came up that went down, but it was a near thing for a little bit. And really, just a general sense of feeling unwell. I think we all know that sort of feeling. I can only hope that it doesn’t mean that I can expect another spell of being sick atop my normal illnesses, ’cause that would suck and blow at the same time.

But eeeey, it’s Friday! Not that that means super much, other than another week flying by, and being a third of the way through the third month and all of that. Time flies and all that, and more as each year passes. But that makes sense, considering that each day that goes by becomes a smaller and smaller fraction of your overall life. Still. There is always a part of me that feels like I didn’t do enough with my days as they’ve gone by, while another part bops me over the head with a Nerf™® bat and reminds me that oh heeeey, crippled, doing the best I can from my chair. And I do do pretty well if I say so myself. I knit, I write, I game, I care for the kiddos — I give all of what limited self I have to self-care, and anything extra outwards.

Anyhoos, I want to get back to knitting, so I shall. Hope everyone out there is having a nice day.


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