My Night in Pictures

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The tl;dr is that I thought that my cold was getting better, and I was very wrong. *chuckles* Well. I accidentally managed to trigger the worst vertigo I have experienced since moving here by trying to pop my ears, and it’s a small miracle that:

A.  I actually made it to the toilet, and
B.  That I didn’t actually vomit

As the day has worn on, my dizziness has started getting worse again, and you betcha I’m not going to try to pop my ears to see if it helps. The Blueberry White tea is helping at least though in lieu of a Lucozade (none were in the fridge). I mean, it’s basically fancy sugar water, so same-as same-as, but I’m still feeling the cold punching me hard. So instead of trying to fit words around pictures, here’s the words, and there’s the pictures. See y’all tomorrow!


img_20161011_201347734 img_20161011_203051335 img_20161011_205353013


3 thoughts on “My Night in Pictures

    1. Raeyn Post author

      It is! It’s Civilization II: Test of Time. It was a remake of Civ II released to compete with the release of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri; you’ll notice that the former lacks the Sid Meier-ing. But I freaking love the fantasy game in the remake, so it’s one of my go-tos when I’ve got a Civ itch to scratch.

      1. pyctsi

        I have Civ II for the Playstation and Civ for the PC (actual CD somewhere – although I think I lost the manual). I have a few other Civ games I picked up from Humble, but they haven’t been played yet.


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