Love is Mint

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There’s a certain sort of mint Turkish delight that my in-laws like, and one that’s somewhat difficult to get any of it due to how quickly it sells out in their candy shop of preference. They’d sent me a box via Z a few days ago, which made me smile. It also made me quip that it was the time of the year when the shipment comes in, which is both funny and accurate. The next batch available will be closer to Christmas. I mean, it’s probably easier than all that to get some, but it makes me smile that they are willing to share their gleanings with me because they know it makes me exceedingly happy.

Right now, we’re waiting for our builder friend to come by and discuss how much various extension options would set us back. Z and I have a number in mind that may or may not match up to reality… we’ll see. The builder in question was the one who did all of our rewiring, patching up the parquet, and getting the new countertop installed in the kitchen. That, and he’s been one of our odd jobs people for our business for longer than I’ve been in the country. tl;dr, we trust the quality of his work, and trust him to quote fairly. It doesn’t mean that the things that Z blueprinted out yesterday are the what’s going to happen – we’d be mad to expect that level of work as a matter of course. But when we’re told to get it checked out… well, we’d be mad to not do that, ha ha.

I’m trying to spin the cheer, if only for my own sanity. I took my meds late on accident last night and it had a bad knock-on effect. It’s not as bad as forgetting until the next morning, but it’s still made the day rough. I’m just completely exhausted by existing, which… well, meds don’t get the full blame — chronic fatigue gets its fair share of the blame… well. Still, I had a friend ask recently how I could forget and it’s like… life happens? Even if you have a set time you do a thing, sometimes other things happen to override it. Life isn’t a straight ride, yo. I wasn’t mad about it or anything, but a part of me does want to turn it into a cheeky listicle for a bit of a laugh… you know, if my brain ever brains properly again.



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