One Pain or Another

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Today has been an annoyingly ouchy day. General pain aside, I got slammed with a brutal headache earlier. I’m pretty sure it was trying to head towards a migraine, but extra caffeine + codeine seems to have beaten it to the pass. So of course, while I’m celebrating that, I start cramping out of nowhere… sigh. At least being in the edge of the A/C  current counteracts the heating pad enough that I can cuddle it for a few moments.

But yeah, dem heads tho. I was trying to drag myself into working mode when I felt like someone had slammed a hammer into my temple; I was not impressed. I hadn’t been planning on doing a lot of work, but it was the sort of thing that slowed that down more than I would have liked. I can hope it was a once-off and that tomorrow will be better. There’s a good chance that won’t be the case as I tend to have my migraine and migraine-esque headaches in spells of a couple of days here and there. I’ve not had one in ages, so. *shrugs* We’ll see. Gonna try to be optimistic though.

Of course, a part of that is that we’re supposed to have company tonight. While they are friends who understand that I am Puny by Default™®, I’d still rather be firmed up enough to be reasonably decent company. Heh. I say that like we’re not going to basically sit around and introvert as a group. Having said that, there ain’t no party like an introvert party… 😀

Right, as I worded on one of my other blogs for the first time in over a month, I’m out of word spoons. Later!


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