Yeah, That’ll Do

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Okay, I really like this picture I just took. I’m thinking — new Facebook profile picture? I love the last one I took, but it was with transitory glasses, so isn’t an accurate reflection of the actual now-me. But I don’t like changing my pictures that often either because it gets *really* annoying when people change their pictures all the time. I’ll think about it, I guess. It’s still a bit more buttery than I like because oh hey, under the ceiling light rather than natural lighting. *shrugs*

Today has been a… distracted day. There’s not really been any good reason why, just… a lack of focus. I got myself moving properly off the bat to not miss my appointment this morning, and I’ve already got my extra reminder alarm set for tomorrow’s appointment with the vampire (the nurse that does the blood draws). I got some work done, a semi-decent amount, but I feel like I could have done better. Maybe tomorrow will be better. If not, it’s not like I’m way behind. I’ve got enough leeway right now that if my brain is doing the shut down thing, it’s not going to set me back too much. I must remember that.

More importantly, my mother-in-law is on my mind this evening. She went out for a walk earlier and took a bit of a tumble that left her disoriented. She was fine enough when Z checked in after work, but still. She might not be a spring chicken, but she’s in pretty good nick for someone her age. And, selfishly, I’m not ready to lose her. I want to see at *least* another 20 years out of her. And while it was probably just a random one-off happening, it’s still got my worry turned up to max. So yanno, while not that prayerful a person, if anyone wants to think good thoughts her way of any stripe, I’m not going to turn my nose up at them.

I guess that’s about it for tonight. I’m going to think about having a little snack since it’s fasting bloods tomorrow and I’m nudging up to the can’t eat window, and also help Z get the shopping list put together.


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