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Which is to say, I ran out of time to be clever or find a picture I liked, ’cause it’s almost time to go-go-go. Outside of visiting the vampire this morning, it’s been a good do-nothing day for me. Z, on the other hand, has been a super star. He took the girls to get school shoes. He took Smallhausen swimming while Littler and I hung out here. And Littler was quite happily curled up on the couch with one of her toys and wanted nothing to do with me (outside of the acquisition of a drink once).

Like, the most productive thing I did was ascend in Kingdom of Loathing. The return-to-playing run took 16 days, and should have taken 14 if I hadn’t cacked up on getting something for the end game that you can only get one a day of. So my goal for this run is to get it under 14 days… then we’ll see. I’m never going to be one of those super-optimal speed runners, but it’ll be nice if I can get it down to something respectable.

*crams things into bag* I’m off, I guess!


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