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So, I had my blood drawn for testing yesterday. And then I got a call this afternoon telling me that the results were in, and the doctor would be calling me Monday… oh my, ha ha. So whatever it is, it’s serious enough that they need to talk to me soon, but not serious enough that I’m going to die over the weekend. It was a rather large battery of tests, but my bet is either on thyroid issues, or diabetes. Either of those get me free meds for life, which is an odd benefit. I’m hoping if it is something that serious that it’s thyroid issues. My family has a history of being borderline with thyroid stuff, enough to have issues, but not enough to warrant treatment. Actually getting treated for thyroid stuff would potentially give me one hell of an energy boost… we’ll see what there is to see when it’s the time to see it. Until then, I won’t worry about it. Totally taking good thoughts though.

It’s wild to think that this is the last weekend before school is back in session. I’m currently very much yay bust out the grape juice, the house is all mine again. Well, part time three days a week, and full time two days… it’s gonna be great. I’ve heard lots of people say that I’ll miss them, and maybe a tiny bit, but being alone for a few hours a day is amazing for my sanity. I can love my family and want them to feck off for a couple hours a day.

*pats tum* In-laws very kindly offered to pick us up some fish and chips, and the place they went to was excellent. Z was feeling really exhausted and frazzled, so he appreciated not having to think about it. And I, cheekily, got out of having to think about it. I’d gotten the oven on and was working through dishes when the call came, so. And it was a nice call to come on the back of the ‘lulz dying’ call, ha ha.

Also nice is the gloom that is gathering. The MetOffice says we’re to have thunderstorms tonight, and nothing makes me happier than a bit of good old thunder and lightning. It’s probably indicative of climate change or something, since it reminds me of summer storms back in Texas.

Right, gonna go knit!


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