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We got a knock on the door this afternoon. It turns out we’d left our garage open overnight, and the neighbour whose front of house is pointed that way wanted to make sure we knew. He waited as long as he did because hey, in a village, not like it was a real risk. And indeed, nobody took anything… though I had joked to Z that if they did, they were doing us a favour. But it was a nice chance to chat with a neighbour, so yay for that.

I’ve done less than nothing today, which befits the last weekend before the school year starts. I could stand to do a bit more knitting, as I hit that zoning out in games point where I was playing by rout and less for fun. I mean, it’s always a risk ’cause my brain insists that my hands are kept busy, but still. I’ve been trying to balance limited bits of reading off of my computer screens (long stretches of text give me ocular migraines), and flicking my eyes elsewhere, but that way my brain is semi-occupied, and my hands are semi-occupied. Now, if my effin’ referral for ADHD diagnosis that supposedly was approved ever freaking made it my way…

Anyways. The girls are in bed, so I’m gonna try and get my head down and get my knit on. Whic will probably end up being that and Sims or something, ha ha.


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