Solar Powered

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I think that it is one of those universal cat things wherein they seem to behave as if they are solar powered. Not that I mind — there’s little that compares to the goodness of burying a face in a pile of warm fur, hee hee. Plus, I can’t think of any time that I’ve posted a picture from my bedroom, so yanno, check out the coolness that is yellow and purple. And cat.

Today has been a day for laundry. Which is to say, getting caught up on a thing that we should be slightly more on top of, but really, what family is these days? Z has been helping with that, and trying to reclaim the kitchen, and then doing work-work as well. I’ve admittedly been doing a fair bit less, in part due to the ‘excuse’ of ‘if I don’t move, then my back doesn’t hurt’. Still, I sorted everything, I’ve processed my stuff, and I’m working on Littler’s stuff. Then I’ll attempt to tackle Sock Mountain again, ha ha.

Otherwise, it’s been the same old knitting and gaming that I happily fill my time with. I can’t say that I’ve made a lot of progress, but that’s fine. I’m having fun in Minecraft, and I’m having fun in a bit of Tropico 5. I still don’t know what I *really* want to play, but they fill the gap nicely for now. I sort of want to get into something more involved like Skyrim, Diablo III, or another pass through Dragon Age: Inquisition, but that like… focus. *shrugs*

Right, probably should go get the little ones tucked in.


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