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Dat Sass

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Cats being cute is always camera fodder. Cat glaring at me because I dare bother her even from across the room? Even better. *laughs* She held that pose for a long slow count of ten before shifting; I guess I am a chagrined servant of the furry overlord, ha ha. I guess I wasn’t paying her enough attention, as I… Read more »


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Z messaged me from the office today to let me know the diagnosis on my desktop — the motherboard was knackered. Whether it was a matter of timing, or a matter of me cacking something up… well, I guess I will know if Z remembers to ask them on pick-up. The cost is reasonable considering that yanno, the computer can’t… Read more »

Too Many Unicorns

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Today, my companion Smalls complained that I have too many unicorns, and that I was greedy. Let’s see — I made one unicorn, the red thing is a mooshroom, Fluffy was a Christmas gift, and kittencorn is only half a unicorn (and the only one I bought anyways). I was amused though — I do love my plush goodness. And… Read more »


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I got it into my head today to maintenance the vacuum cleaner. After some unclogging, de-hairing, and a touch of super glue, it seemed to be in fairly good nick. So I tested it on my rug. And then I picked up toys and vacuumed the other rug. And then I ended up doing the foyer and the study; the… Read more »


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We got a knock on the door this afternoon. It turns out we’d left our garage open overnight, and the neighbour whose front of house is pointed that way wanted to make sure we knew. He waited as long as he did because hey, in a village, not like it was a real risk. And indeed, nobody took anything… though… Read more »

Up Close and Personal

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I figured a nice picture of the growing green part of the shawl would be nice, so here you go. I was sort of awkwardly dangling it trying to get my phone to focus, ’cause yanno, that’s how I roll (or something). Work was very unproductive. I did some invoices, and hopefully tomorrow in the office will go well. Cross… Read more »

I Hate to Post and Run, But…

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I don’t know why, but on nights when I’m out, when I get home and mail my blog pictures to myself from my phone, they take for-effin-ever to get to me, forcing me to send them another route. It’s very frustrating because oh hey, I’m tired and want to get in bed. But I have set myself this task of… Read more »


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Littlerbit has had a bit of a stomach bug the last couple of days, and I seem to have caught the edge of it as well. So I’m curled up at home instead of at the pub, and I’m fine with this. It’s lovely hanging out with everyone, but I don’t think I’m fit company right now.  So it goes… Read more »


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Today has been a productive day in the world of knitting. Otherwise, it’s been another sod all ’cause of feeling dizzy and crap. And well, not knitting exactly, but more sewing. I did have to knit a couple of rows after picking up the neckline. Again. At least it wasn’t so bad the second time around, though it wasn’t great… Read more »


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I don’t know what the deal is with the atmosphere right now. Ambiance. Whatever the right word is. Everyone else seems to be finding it melting hot (to include my bar of chocolate), but I’m not feeling it? It might be that I’ve got my ceiling fan on high and it’s doing its job admirably. Still. You’d think with the… Read more »