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img_20161102_103003025Littlerbit has had a bit of a stomach bug the last couple of days, and I seem to have caught the edge of it as well. So I’m curled up at home instead of at the pub, and I’m fine with this. It’s lovely hanging out with everyone, but I don’t think I’m fit company right now.  So it goes sometimes. Self-care is important, as is not spreading germs. 🙂

I have managed to find one semi-productive outlet today. I’ve not done great at work-work, I’ve barely touched my knitting, but I  *have* written over 3,000 words. It’s November, which means NaNoWriMo. I’m not doing ‘real’ NaNo, but rather, doing a lot of ramblethought on my account. I might try to get a few more words out of my head once I’m done here, if only to build up a cushion.

On the whole though, it’s worked nicely with my style of doing the day. I do some work, I scribble down some thought-words into a Word document. I do some more work, I jot down more as it comes to mind. It works for me and my crappy brain. As Z has noted over the years, I tend to hyperfocus for tiny fragments of time, and just sort of rotate it around. He’s a saint though, and slowly learned over the years that I am not purposefully ignoring him, and that it’s completely possible for me to respond without actually being aware of responding. I try to slow down the cycling when he’s home out of respect and because I legit care about his things, but sometimes it is what is.

img_20161102_195352928_hdr img_20161102_195401978


As said, not done a lot on my knitting. I might pick it up here in a few minutes. I might ignore that and just do more Civ 6. Man, can I say that it’s a great game? Because it really is. I love the franchise (except for Civ 4), and this one just gives you al ot of different ways to play. And, the best part — Z and I are both playing it right now. While we have a large overlap in our game ownership lists, we rarely if ever are playing the same thing. He tends to be more console-based, while I prefer to stay curled up with a computer. Someday, he will go spelunking with me in Minecraft, and someday I will join him again on the couch for a racing game or something.

For now though, I flee! 🙂


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