New Book Day!

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Book! New! Yay!

Book! New! Yay!

This in my hot little hands is the latest installment of the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. E accidentally introduced it to me when she bought the third in a charity shop and thought I might like it. I did, though I did have to point out that it was in the middle of a series, and that would explain why it didn’t make much sense to her. She was pleased to have that explanation, I think. I’m not super into mystery or police procedurals, but it’s a fun series. And honestly, I’m just relieved it came now, as the release date has been jumping all over the calendar for the last couple of months, to include claiming it was coming out this time next year! Unacceptable! *pets book and purrs* I’ve only got a few pages left of my re-read of Jurassic Park, so I should be able to get stuck right into it tonight when I go to bed, which is the best.

Littler! Thief!

Littler! Thief!

And circling around to E — she very generously took in the wool that K had brought, the half that was still hanging around here. I was relieved to have it shifted back, as one member of the group was being a bit of a jerk to me about it. Sorry, hands in the air, my attempt to use spreadsheets and get a fair availability to people didn’t work. I would have loved to have been there to see people paw at it as I *did* get to hog that goodness for a few weeks, but never mind. Littler is still a bit sick, I’m a bit sick, it’s better if we keep it contained.

Now, combining Littlerbit and E — one ball escaped! When I had it hanging out in bags on the floor before getting it shifted out, she kept trying to shift balls between bags. I tried to discourage it because I wanted to make sure that the bigger lots of same stuff were together for best visualisation. I guess I should not have been surprised that she nabbed one and stashed it in the bag of things I need to organise in the cloak cupboard. Oh well, I guess Innocent’s Big Knit will be getting some fancy boucle hats? šŸ™‚

Beyond that, work-work was not a productive day (happens), while my fake NaNo is going well. As of this moment, I’m up to 4,404 words for today’s count (just under 10k for total, or an entire fifth in three days), and I’m thinking about trying to hit 5,000. It’s easier doing this because it’s pure brain dump without thinking, so I’m not *quite* a raging pain in the ass. Yet. I’m sort of hoping that it will give me some insight on how to do the same sort of mindless writing for a story rather than dumping my brain weasels… but we’ll see.

For now, I’m off. Civ 6 and mindless word-making call.


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