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Too Many Unicorns

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Today, my companion Smalls complained that I have too many unicorns, and that I was greedy. Let’s see — I made one unicorn, the red thing is a mooshroom, Fluffy was a Christmas gift, and kittencorn is only half a unicorn (and the only one I bought anyways). I was amused though — I do love my plush goodness. And… Read more »

I Had to Get Dressed

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I had exactly one thing on my itinerary for the day — not getting dressed. That quickly got scuppered when bat messaged down that they needed to see a doctor. Oh well, I’ll not get dressed tomorrow instead, ha ha. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the walk-in centre wasn’t going to charge them for a single… Read more »

Pell Mell

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The day is getting away from me in a major way. It started overnight, with a super restless night of ‘sleep’. I didn’t make anything of it, because Z was just as bad. If anything, I woke up a bit before him, but we stayed in bed and cuddled (which was bliss). Less blissful was getting downstairs and realising I’d… Read more »