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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Moggy

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One of the biggest culture shocks when I moved to the UK is that it’s common wisdom that it’s perfectly fine to let cats be indoor/outdoor. And while, yes, I like seeing cats as I walk about, I still consider it pet abuse. This was something bat commented on as well, to the point of finally getting a friend of… Read more »

Sweet Treats

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Today is that ever so glorious day where it’s okay to take candy from strangers — Halloween! This is the first time that both of the girls are out making the rounds, and I hope that the three of them (’cause yanno, Z with them) have a good time. Smalls was also excited because this year she gets to make… Read more »

Not Spaghetti Squash

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Today, I had the dubious pleasure of coring four pumpkins for tomorrow. I don’t know what the frack happened, but two of them decided they were spaghetti squash and I had like, ALL THE STRANDS. My working theory of the moment is that it had to do with the tool I used on the two over the spoon I used… Read more »

I Had to Get Dressed

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I had exactly one thing on my itinerary for the day — not getting dressed. That quickly got scuppered when bat messaged down that they needed to see a doctor. Oh well, I’ll not get dressed tomorrow instead, ha ha. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the walk-in centre wasn’t going to charge them for a single… Read more »

Currency, Innit

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Freddos are a dinky little chocolate treat, the price of which comes up often as a way of bemoaning inflation. Z picked up a couple because I’d never had one, so yanno… eating money or something. It was pretty blah ’cause Kraft ruined Cadsbury everything, but at least I can tick it off my list of things that are a… Read more »

Little Gamers

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Today, the children exemplified that they are indeed our children; they spent the entire day playing video games with each other. Perhaps I should have encouraged them to do other things but meh. They were happy and having fun with each other, thereby enabling me to work. Considering that I’m well behind myself, having a couple of solid, uninterrupted hours… Read more »

Fun Marble Drink!

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D brought me some ramune soda when she came up for the party, which is yay. I’d not had any since moving here, so it’s a nice treat. And she brought a small variety of flavours to try, so I’m having melon. It’s not too bad, and Littler would have necked it if I’d let her have more than a… Read more »

All In

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Well, I can report that this party seems to be going well. Only one person had to leave early for naps, but I’m glad that we had her for as long as we did. bat has stayed upright by the magical power of Adderall, for which I am grateful. I mean, if they had needed a nap, I would not… Read more »

Serious Face is Serious

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Oh okay, it’s not actually serious. But as I forgot to take pictures earlier, I had to scramble for something and I thought ‘Selfie, ’cause hair stick’. Z found a green one that I’d mislaid years ago when we were going through stuff before bat got here, so I’m happy to put it to use. Nothing in particular happened today,… Read more »

The Other Two

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I was running back and forth earlier when I noticed a white van pull up outside. I opened the door, since I knew it was likely to be a parcel, and noticed it was a Yodel van. My hypothesis that it was the remainder of my wool was answered when I clocked that it was indeed the signature pink bag…. Read more »