Not Spaghetti Squash

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Today, I had the dubious pleasure of coring four pumpkins for tomorrow. I don’t know what the frack happened, but two of them decided they were spaghetti squash and I had like, ALL THE STRANDS. My working theory of the moment is that it had to do with the tool I used on the two over the spoon I used on the other two. I decided in the end that they only had to survive through tomorrow night, so I could suck it up and not have them perfectly dry inside.

I’ve decided that I am not going to work tomorrow most likely. While I should, it’s bat’s last day in the country. Even if we do nothing but sit around in our PJs, I figure it’s time well spent and that should have more devotion than I can give if I’m nominally working. There’s the rest of the year for that, yanno? Ideally I would like to make seeing my in-laws happen, but I’m not going to push for that either.

I’ve made some really good progress on my current quick knit, being a pussyhat to send to author Seanan McGuire. The wool reminded me of her cats, and as I knit it up, it’s reminding me more and more of her beloved candy corn. I’m doing it while wrapped up in my ‘complete’ (fringe, honest!) blanket. It’s a comfy place to be.

Speaking of comfort, we have another new bed coming in this week. Littler’s bed was Small’s bed before her, and is more than a bit knackered. So she’s getting promoted to the same sort of bed as her sister, so that will be nice. We’re also getting them matching headboards, but those won’t be finished for a few weeks yet.

Right, back to knitting, and watching Star Trek: Discovery.


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