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Today, the children exemplified that they are indeed our children; they spent the entire day playing video games with each other. Perhaps I should have encouraged them to do other things but meh. They were happy and having fun with each other, thereby enabling me to work. Considering that I’m well behind myself, having a couple of solid, uninterrupted hours was a Very Good Thing™®.

I’m not counting on the same tomorrow, obviously. While they are quite good at entertaining themselves (after a fashion), they’re going to be climbing the walls before too long, even if I’m not. I’m sort of hoping that their grandparents decide to scoop them up for a few hours for play, but I’m not going to get down their throats about it either. It’s going to be one of those ‘wait and see’ things. 🙂

bat checked in a bit ago, which was yay. They confirmed that they had indeed made it to Wales (however briefly), and is in London now. It looks like the Placebo gig is still on, so I’m excited for them. I look forward to hearing all about it later, whenever they make it back here. The absolute latest day of return to us is going to be Sunday, but greedy me hopes it’s a tiny bit earlier. But if not, so what. That just means they’re getting to see more friends that they’ve waited ages to see, and that is awesome. I am very pro SEE ALL THE FRIENDS, hee hee.

Beyond that, I have to pick back two rows on my knitting… so annoying! I’d counted 18 rows, and then suddenly it was 22. Rude, right? A part of me is tempted to keep it in wrong, but I know it’s going to annoy me a lot more if I do that rather than making it ‘right’. So I’ll get started on that shortly. For now, time to get the girls in bed.


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