Serious Face is Serious

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Oh okay, it’s not actually serious. But as I forgot to take pictures earlier, I had to scramble for something and I thought ‘Selfie, ’cause hair stick’. Z found a green one that I’d mislaid years ago when we were going through stuff before bat got here, so I’m happy to put it to use.

Nothing in particular happened today, and that was fine by me. I am all about hoarding my spoons to rock out on Sunday. Having said that, I expect we’ll be doing cleaning in addition to food prep tomorrow. It shouldn’t be too bad after the heavy lifting we did before bat got here… I hope.

For now, I really just want to get my head around to knitting. I’ve been doing very little lately, even though I’m excited to be on the back half of my blanket. I guess I’m just sort of flappy between work and having my bestie here and stuff like that. And we finally had a nice little snuggle yesterday, belatedly. Despite the cuddle bunnies we were in our youths, neither of us are those people anymore. But still, going up to the bar for a bag of crisps wrapped around each other… it felt nice. 🙂

Right, I’ve managed to put text past the picture so I’m going to circle back around and finish *other* writing I’ve not completed today — that’s how spacey I’ve been. Butts!


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