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That’s really all it’s been. I’ve been here, and more or less existing. I’ve done some knitting, I’ve been poking at puzzles on Flight Rising… that’s seriously about it. Well, and I cut up some jalapenos too, so that’s something. Even though I washed my hands, the burnination is imbedded in my fingers; I’m not sure I want to pick up my knitting with that in mind.

*washes hands again*

Hah nope, I’ve got hella imbedded pepper going. I might risk it in a bit, but for the moment, we’re having a family round of Drawful 2. It’s going splendidly, which means it’s an hilarious clusterfuck of ‘what the hell is that’. We love it though. Since we’re having people around tomorrow, one could say this is a preview run for bat’s benefit. They are having a good time, so that’s yay. I am doing terrible for me, but I’m still having fun. And by having fun, I mean in actual physical pain from laughing too much. bat and I set each other off so much, ha ha.

Grr, fingers. Might well just have to risk it, ’cause I really do want to get more knitting done. Maybe as long as I keep my fingers perfectly dry? :s



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