All In

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Well, I can report that this party seems to be going well. Only one person had to leave early for naps, but I’m glad that we had her for as long as we did. bat has stayed upright by the magical power of Adderall, for which I am grateful. I mean, if they had needed a nap, I would not have held it against them, but I’m enjoying having them for more than an hour or two a day. 🙂

((Also I am in incredible pain because I cannot stop laughing, hjalp))

I sheepishly over-prepared on the food front again. Even with C in the house, I’m probably going to be eating mango salsa for my meals for the next week, ha ha. Good thing that I like it? As for the veg, I think the best thing is going to be dumping it into a soup and going to town on that. I didn’t even get the avocados out, so I can go nuts making myself guac to devour.

Right, back to the game!


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