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I was running back and forth earlier when I noticed a white van pull up outside. I opened the door, since I knew it was likely to be a parcel, and noticed it was a Yodel van. My hypothesis that it was the remainder of my wool was answered when I clocked that it was indeed the signature pink bag. So now I’ve got all seven of my skeins sitting on my desk, cooing at me. I’m cooing right back, hee hee.

bat and I had a nice day of sitting around doing nothing in companionable silence. I commented to them that my brain was trying to take our good thing and panic that I was being a bad host when I already knew, we both knew, that our idea of hanging out is sitting around each other quietly in the same space. I probably should make a point to get more cuddles, but like, bubbles. We’re both exhausted and I know I am not up to anything beyond mandatory child-based cuddling right now. Maybe I’ll feel tomorrow — if I get a good night of sleep. Last night I was too exhausted for that, so.

Speaking of bat, I’m both happy and sad that their assorted friends are starting to make plans. They’re going to be leaving on Thursday to make a few rounds, and then back sometime Sunday for our little party. Hopefully. Z and I are flailing at train and bus schedules to try and figure out the magic bullet, and the best we can spot is if they leave Cardiff at 7 ungodly am to get here for just after 1pm. They’ve gone up to get some sleep already, so obvs, not gonna flail at them about it right now. They didn’t ask me to organise a party after all, so I’m not going to make it their fault that they had other plans across the island. But yeah, a part of me wants to be like, no, my bat, mine!, but considering there are loads of people who have been waiting more than 20 years to meet them? I’m more than happy to see this be fulfilled. 🙂

For now, I’m going to go fulfill some knitting and zoning out. Fingers crossed tonight ends up being a properly restful night of sleep.


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