The Bat Has Landed

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I’m pleased that I managed to take the least flattering picture of me ever to express my joy of being back with my bat. They are here, we’re fed, and much happiness is the order of the day. Well, they’ve just gone up to bed, and I’ve eaten their dinner remnants atop mine. I am going to sleep like none other tonight, ha ha. Which is good, considering that I’m already exhausted from waiting. I always forget how tiring waiting can be, so I’m glad that it’s over.

That’s pretty much been the deal today — waiting and more waiting. Whether it was waiting to get Littler for school, or waiting for her flu jab, it was a matter of watching x and y increments of time go past. I mean, one could argue that is the essence of every day, but yanno, feeling it more keenly.

I think that it suffices to say that I am very grateful that I don’t have to get up and deal with anything tomorrow. The girls are both in school all day, so I shouldn’t have to leave the house for anything. I’ve got work that I will need to be doing, but that’s fine. We’ll be doing our introvert thing of doing our own things next to each other, in the finest of fashions.

For now, I am going to sign off on this, and zone out for the next hour or two, however long I manage to stretch it before going to bed.


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