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Z and I continued our efforts on behalf of clearing up the house — and garage. This is a photo I took while we were at the tip, ’cause I like signs, and signs in a line are even more fun. Most of what we got out of the house were baby things, like the crib, carrier, and high chair. It was all stuff that needed to go, so yanno, catharsis.

Also catharsis is knowing that the guest room is the tidiest and most organised it’s been since we moved in. I’ve taken advantage of the ample wardrobe space to get the spare duvets tucked away, as well as to make sure there were some easily accessible lighter blankets in case bat wanted to layer. I’ve not had to think about their particular sleeping accommodation in the better part of 20 years, so just trying to cover covering. Yup. *whistles*

I’ve not done much past these two things today though. Like I told Z when we were out on our tip run — I’ve been pushing so hard the last couple of days that I’m trying really hard today to strike the balance between resting and doing things. It’s defaulted to a bit more resting than I had planned on, but. I’ve got to be able to manage some pretense of functioning tomorrow, what with the usual midday school run (and having to remember that Littler has her flu jab on the way home).

*returns from fighting the coat cupboard and declares it a victory*

What else, what else. Seanan McGuire had mentioned that it was Flight Rising registration week, so I finally sucked it up and joined the game. She kindly gave me a pretty dragon that she was rehoming, and confirmed for me that she hadn’t written the dragon’s backstory. I’ve decided for the moment that I am going to do their tales as a series of haikus, and didn’t want to wipe out a Hugo/Nebula/etc/etc/etc award winner’s words casually. Between that and friends, I’ve got a nice starting coterie of seven dragons, and I’ve got two pairs breeding already. A friend gave me a triad of dragons and some money/gems, so I am a very grateful little nooblette.

I’m going go to zone out and knit now.


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