Sugar Crush

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Cake! So many cakes! A surfeit of cakes! So what does Smalls want when she gets to pick? She asked for the cake I made and brought, ha ha. She had a cupcake as well, and decided that she needed to help me eat my lunch atop that. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour out of the house together, something that I think we both enjoy.

And this gave me the opportunity to get some cake for Z’s dad, whose birthday is today! I’d asked one of the diabetics in our group what she thought would be good, and she suggested the bread pudding and the lemon drizzle cake. I asked Z, and he said the latter was a favourite. And indeed, when presented it, he’d commented that he’d asked for lemon drizzle cake and ended up with a tiramasu. That’s fine, if it’s not too boozy, they can point me at that tiramasu and I’ll make it go away. *grins* Which is to say, he liked his cake, he liked his cards, the company, and his birthday present. Z picked up a mini pool table from Dunelm, and it turned out to be pretty nice quality! I think he will have a good time teaching the girls how to play on it.

Between those two things, I am wiped out, but the night is far from over. Z and I are going to take some boxes from upstairs to sort through with an eye of running stuff to the tidy tip (recycling centre//rubbish dump) tomorrow. Our black bin is rammed full from general rubbish and cleaning, so. We’ve already got the girls pencilled in to spend more time with their grandparents if we need them to for that reason. I both sort of hope that we need to because it means we’re getting stuff out of the house, but also, I don’t want to move. I’ve moved too much lately. *shakes tiny fist of impotent rage*

For now, I should probably make a point to clear my dinner plate and start filling pills or something… woo, adulting.



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