Let There Be Baking

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It’s been a long day. It’s been productive, so I’m a bit wiped out as a result. I made some good progress on work things, which was a relief after being so ill yesterday. Z and I organised to go to the store so I could get some baking bits//get some pizza from the pizza counter, and that went well. It went even better when we got home and his parents had called to ask if we wanted fish and chips — yes please!

Not only does that mean dinner is taken care of for the rest of the weekend, but it also meant that I could get stuck into baking for tomorrow. I’d picked up a Devil’s Food cake mix, and a lemon bar mix, figuring that might be something slightly different than what everyone else is bringing… who knows until tomorrow, ha ha. But the cake came out beautiful, my from scratch frosting just stretched to coat it, and the lemon bars… ask me tomorrow, ha ha. I accidentally put butter into the lemon mix, which probably didn’t do it any harm, but I’m still gonna fret until I can cut them tomorrow. Worst comes to worst, I make up the other box of lemon bar mix I bought for us, and we eat the ‘wrong’ ones. 🙂

Suffices to say, I am shattered. My back is telling me a story of ire right now, though it’s mainly been good today. I guess the new bed is already starting to tell the story of better sleep? I woke up feeling kind of alert, which was certainly novel.

Train of thought go boom, and I follow.


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