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When I took this picture from bed last night, I didn’t expect it to be my (potential) point of view for today. Which is to say, I woke up feeling a bit off, and then quickly started feeling like I’d been punched up and down every pipeline in my body. I managed to obtain enough relief that I deemed it safe to climb into bed… as long as I had a bucket to hand.

tl;dr didn’t need the bucket. But apparently, I needed the extra hours of sleep. I came to around 2pm, and gingerly pried myself out of bed. I managed to belatedly get my breakfast in, followed by a bunch of ice cream (I figured it would be gentle on my throat and stomach). I’m still feeling more than a little bit off, but that’s… well, okay isn’t the word. It is what is more along the lines of ‘vaguely tolerable’, and thank eff I can rely on my in-laws if I need assistance tomorrow.

Still, it hasn’t been all bad. I had confirmation when I woke up this morning that bat should be picking up their passport today! So that’s good; Z was well relieved when I told him, as he’d been busy worrying for both of us. So next week, I will have my BFFFFF in my actual house in my actual country with my actual family. They have met Smallhausen and Z before back in 2012. I’m not really sure Littler has tracked that someone is coming to visit or cares *quite* yet, but I’m sure that she will. My kids love my friends, and vice versa. And of course, bat is an aunt to the nth degree, so yanno, important family to meet. šŸ™‚ Great timing for it too, as my youngest sister and her crew are back in our hometown so W can meet and greet the family there. Middle sister posted some cute pictures of her and W, which made me smile. I hope we get to meet him, but international travel makes that a tricky prospect.

For now, I’ve taken some extra melatonin with the potential intent to go to bed early and get more healing under my (lack of) collar. We’ll see!


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