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I can’t remember if I mentioned it last night, but I’m on the decrease now on this blanket. I finally hit the point where ‘bored now’ was taking over, so. I’m glad that I’ve done this blanket and done it this way, but still. I’m already ready to move on to another big project. Or maybe I just need to pull out my cross-stitch for a bit to have a change of pace… it’s certainly worth thinking about.

The bed got here bright and early this morning, and the delivery fellows were extra nice. Z said they put the casters on the base so we didn’t have to, and got everything put in place. We still had to take the plastic bags off of the mattresses ourselves, but he said they took most of the waste with them. Fair enough. We got the plastic off and got all the new bedding onto it, and just laid there for like 10 minutes. I had to roll myself off to make myself exit the bed environs, ha ha. I am looking forward to going to bed tonight.

Of course, between then and there is knitting. I just took some co-codamol ’cause my head is feeling a bit gross, as well as drinking lots of water to try and flush the system. I know that I have been lax in that regard lately, and indeed, it felt like it was helping while chatting to L during an impromptu playdate. I like L quite a bit, and we are utter rubbish at remembering to ever hang out. I really just need to message her on an afternoon to see if she wants to come around for a cuppa and a spot of light knitting. I’m pretty sure she wants to hang out as well, as she remembered it was knitting tonight (her husband’s work schedule means she pretty much is never available on a Wednesday night, more’s the pity).

As for what I’m knitting, it’ll be the beast above unless I get particularly bored. I’ve put in a toy kit that came with my most recent issues of Let’s Knit; it’s some elves that I think my mother-in-law would like for her decorations. It wouldn’t be too hard to put some ribbon through the tips of their hats to turn them into ornaments, and it would make me happy to have contributed to her tree.

Right, I should probably get packed up.



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  1. pyctsi

    Let me know if there is any pattern type you are interested in, I have the Art of Knitting part work and the new Knit and Stitch Creative coming, and Kitten can scan them in if you want a look.


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