Full of Stars

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I’m a sucker for new pajama bottoms any time I walk past a display of them. Which means that, mysteriously, I’ve acquired another pair in the past week. They get top marks so far, as they are kind of fuzzy, covered in stars, and has pockets. One of the pockets has a tiny hole in it, but yanno, that can be fixed and is completely outweighed by like, everything else.

And really, it was good to finally come home to them. The day had an early start with that colposcopy. That went well, to include the ladies doing it being kind of stunned by how quickly I can shuck down and redress. Fingers crossed the results that come in 3-4 weeks are good ones, but I’m expecting it’s going to be the same old same old.

Then of course, was fetching the littlest from school. That was pretty mundane, truth told. I got her home, I fed her, and I left the little running note for bat where it was. Not knowing what sort of time they were getting, I’d left a note letting them know where I/we were when we were out of the house, and kept annotating it each trip. When they finally got up and saw the list, they barked a laugh because it was totally hilarious.

We then eventually made it over to visit my in-laws briefly. Mum didn’t get to chat too much ’cause Littler was all like ‘nanny must play with me’, but maybe next time we’re around. I was just glad to actually be making the effort to visit for once.

For now, I just want to not move until Friday. Wish me luck on that while you’re wishing me luck for t’other thing earlier, ha ha.


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