I Had to Get Dressed

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I had exactly one thing on my itinerary for the day — not getting dressed. That quickly got scuppered when bat messaged down that they needed to see a doctor. Oh well, I’ll not get dressed tomorrow instead, ha ha. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the walk-in centre wasn’t going to charge them for a single appointment, so all bat had to pay for was their antibiotics when we went to the pharmacy at the grocery store. And while neither of us were too keen on the idea of having to wander around and pass time while waiting for said prescription, at least it meant that bat could stock up on the sort of food that they have an easier time convincing brain and body to make happen. Yay for that.

And really, I was glad that I could support them. Like, if anything like this was going to happen at any point in their trip, I’m glad it happened where I could support. Yes okay, I’m freaking wiped and had to leave the house, but I don’t begrudge them. Why would I? If I was in the same position, I know they’d do the same for me. Having said that, I hope never to be in the States and need medical care, because I seriously cannot afford it.

I’m nearly completion on the knitting portion of my blanket, which is yay. I’ve got about 49 rows left, which each of them getting shorter as I go. It’s my hope that I blast through it tonight and tomorrow, but we’ll see. I’m totally going to get back to it now, though.



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