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I noticed when I got home last night that the air has started to get that right autumnal feel to it. It’s not too cold yet, but it feels cold in the best sort of ways. I took this while sitting in the front garden for a few minutes to admire the mown lawn, and to bask in the bit of chill.

I needed it, to be honest. I realised earlier today that I am in the middle of a hypomanic episode. While it’s not dangerous or severe, it is affecting my sleep. It is spiking my anxiety to physically painful levels. I felt like I spent the morning shouting at the girls for just being kids — because the noise levels and proximity were causing me massive distress. bat did their best to run some interference so I could try to climb down from the ceiling and do some work, which I am certainly grateful for. And I told Smalls later that I was grateful to her and her sister for being considerate and working with me through the worst of it.  I’m hoping that tomorrow will be better now that I have a fix on the mood wossits. We’ll see.

For now, the girls are in bed, so I am going to do my best to completely zone out and try to relax.


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