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Freddos are a dinky little chocolate treat, the price of which comes up often as a way of bemoaning inflation. Z picked up a couple because I’d never had one, so yanno… eating money or something. It was pretty blah ’cause Kraft ruined Cadsbury everything, but at least I can tick it off my list of things that are a part of the British experience.

bat is coming ‘home’ tonight. A solid week of people-ing has hit really hard, so having some more neutral space is gonna be a Good Thing™®. This ends up cutting a dear friend off of the visitation roster, so I told them that if T wanted to come up here, they were welcome to. We’ll see. They are going to want to like, sleep and get food into themselves before they want to think that far.

And honestly, I empathise on the not wanting to people, even if I need to dash this off and get ready for knitting. I forgot to take my meds at the right time last night; I only took some melatonin and forgot about the rest of it. After some amount of tossing and turning (I refuse to look at clocks so I don’t know how long), I came downstairs, confirmed the med situation, and took them. Today has all be focused on trying to feel human enough to make it out of the house. I’m going to have to hit myself with a second round of ALL THE PAIN MEDS before I go out, but at least I think I am going to be able to manage.

Right, onward to bag cramming and food cramming.


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