Your Friendly Neighbourhood Moggy

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One of the biggest culture shocks when I moved to the UK is that it’s common wisdom that it’s perfectly fine to let cats be indoor/outdoor. And while, yes, I like seeing cats as I walk about, I still consider it pet abuse. This was something bat commented on as well, to the point of finally getting a friend of theirs to understand WHY their wife was so vehemently against it. Damage to local wildlife aside… it’s still just not safe or alright.

((But man, cute cat glaring at me from a garden frame <3))

bat managed to miss their flight this morning in the most spectacular of fashions. Like, that’s their thing, they miss flights, but this one ended up being really stressful because oh, hi. International. Homesick. Not on the correct side of the Atlantic. There is a good chance they will be able to get their flights sorted tomorrow with minimal effort and ‘minimal’ cash (like, £200 instead of £2,000), so cross your fingers it works out.

And really, it wasn’t their fault. They ended up on a slightly, VERY slightly later train, that got there an hour later somehow, randomly terminated part of the way there, all kinds of weird crap. I could go scroll back through messages to get all the specifics, but really… you get the point. One little knock on in the British transport system, and boom. *waggles fingers*

Work was… work. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but at least I got some things done. Hopefully I’ll pick up the pace tomorrow, since I’ll have less interruptions (friends, school runs, etc).

On the knitting front, I finished the hat that I was making for Seanan McGuire. I am way excited by how it came out. I’d picked the skein because it reminded me of her cats, but it’s come out surprisingly candy corn (more obvious when you can see both sides of it). I’m glad that I can ‘repay’ her for writing awesome stuff, and being generally amusing on Twitter.

Next in the queue is a sweater for Z. I’ve got the pattern picked out, and the first skein of wool caked for gauging while I’m out tonight. I don’t really expect to get much done on it, but we’ll see. I tend to get more knitting done than most of the group, ha ha.

Right, time to finish flailing things into my bag.


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