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351 refers to the number of stitches I had to cast on for this. I got lucky and got it right the first time — but I still counted it twice to make very sure that it was right. I’m currently knitting the first row before joining it in the round because it’s going to be easier to get it untwisted that way… I hope. :s

I ended up back in bed this morning, to my bemusement. I just started feeling virulently unwell, so tucked myself back in for a few hours. I would have probably slept all day if I hadn’t needed to get up for a DPD package — but I did. And, thankfully, I woke up feeling better than when I laid down, which has been the case on more naps than not lately (knock on wood). Z commented that his father had been feeling a bit off as well, so I guess that sort of vindicates the ‘something going around’ theorem… even thought there is always *something* going around, ha ha.

I had kid duty tonight, which went well. Z had a meeting to attend, and while I grumble slightly, at least it’s like… one or two meetings a year now instead of one or two a month. It was that pace when Smallhausen was a baby and I wasn’t coping well and it was all a mess. I could totally handle it fine now, but I’d rather he not have to yanno, work in the evenings in addition to working all day. 🙂

Also in the Realm of Kids — tomorrow the girls will have matching beds. Littler’s bed was Small’s bed before her, and it’s more than a bit knackered. So a new one that is the same as what her big sister has is being delivered tomorrow. Z got the underbed area clear since oh… there isn’t going to be one of those anymore, ha ha. I went up and poked at some of it, but for the most part, I’ve been going with the whole ‘sick enough to need a nap means don’t move’.

Right, back to the never-ending row from hell.


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