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The day is getting away from me in a major way.

It started overnight, with a super restless night of ‘sleep’. I didn’t make anything of it, because Z was just as bad. If anything, I woke up a bit before him, but we stayed in bed and cuddled (which was bliss). Less blissful was getting downstairs and realising I’d forgotten to take my meds last night — sigh. I’m having to deal with med-induced brain fog at the wrong freaking time of the day, but at least it seems to be lifting enough that I should manage going out (knock on wood).

I’m also a bit off-kilter because I had an appointment with Dr. N this afternoon. It was just my annual med review, which we ticked through quickly. He suggested getting some bloodtests run, which I was going to ask for anyways, so win. That’s booked in for the 31st. And, E will be happy to know, I’m booked in for my smear on the 30th. I told G on the counter that I was glad E wasn’t there to give me crap about it. Having said that, I’m sure I’ll mention it to her elsewhere and get crap for it. *giggles* It’s fine though, really. My main thing is rolling my eyes at Americans who think that our system isn’t fit for purpose. I was called on Monday about the med review, the med review happened today. I got several apologies that the nearest free appointments for my non-urgent things were two weeks away. Oh teh noes, two weeks for non-urgent things! Teh horror!!11one Seriously though, if I needed something urgent, there are ways. It’s a good system, even if the Tories have been strangling it to death nearly since I got here.

Righ, I’m off. *flees*


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