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I don’t really have anything to say today, so have a picture of one of our cats, Poison. She tends to live on the back of one couch or another, surveying all that she rules. Yes, I feel she is the true ruler of the house, ha ha. And that’s fine — I love our little old lady. She’s very sweet, and rather tolerant of Littlerbit (to be fair, both of them are more tolerant of her than they are of her sister; Smalls has a tendency to jerk about and flail, which freaks them out).

The girls were really awesome about doing their own thing today. I got work done, they had fun bopping about, and I generally failed to get them outside. Oh well. Maybe I’ll manage to remember tomorrow. I’d gotten into good workflow, and I sort of got lost in my own head. Whups. But it was fine, really.

Right, off.


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