I’ve Got a Brand New Bag…

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Of wool. Because it was £5 a pop for a couple of 400 gram balls of aran wool, and I made grabbyhands at getting it for half-price. These were the four balls available — two black, and two lilac, and I am going to use them to make blanket. Or blankets. I’m not really sure how much ridiculousness I can milk out of it, but I’ve already started. I figure I’ll do alternating stripes on a diagonal. It will be a nice work-at-home project that is a change of pace from clothing… and not crochet. I thought about doing it crochet, but I don’t think I can stand it. I would LOVE to find a yen again for crochet, but… *shrugs*

And yes, the wool indicates that we left the house. Ideally, we would have done something like going berry picking and geocaching, but the weather wasn’t cooperating for that. Since I wanted to browse Hobbycrack anyways, we figured we’d top it off with wandering around the Tesco on that side of town. Which, of course, means coming home with all sorts of shiny crap, like new pens and bits of junk food. We also did some practical shopping for the girls in the clothing department, so yanno… some minor degree of adulting, ha ha.

Speaking of adulting, last night was a hoot. We ended up delving into some hardcore ‘girl talk’, which was excellent. Like, not the details thereof necessarily, but that as a group we were all comfortable enough with each other to be candid about our pasts and experiences. E is gonna be sad that she missed it, as she especially loves how gabby everyone is on a Thursday, but she’s probably having a blast on her family holiday.

*stifles yawn* Right, I’m going to go… something something.


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