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I figured a nice picture of the growing green part of the shawl would be nice, so here you go. I was sort of awkwardly dangling it trying to get my phone to focus, ’cause yanno, that’s how I roll (or something).

Work was very unproductive. I did some invoices, and hopefully tomorrow in the office will go well. Cross your fingers for me, ’cause it would mean a lot for me and D to be able to get all this stuff sorted and return to ‘normal’ ops. He also wants me to help him with sending out statements, which I’m happy to assist with. I sort of remember how to do it, but it’s been awhile — the reminder will serve me well. And I’m always happy to take on ‘new’ tasks to help make things easier for everyone else.

Also tomorrow is knitting. I think things should be fine; E put K on notice about her behaviour last week, a move that made me feel loved and humbled. I’m still intending to put myself on one end of the table rather than the middle so I don’t have to deal with overt snubbing like last time, and really… just got to make it until June, right? *smiles* I don’t wish her ill, but the discord she’s brought to the group with her crappy behaviour has been really rough to contend with.

Day 2 of having a Fitbit on me, and my wrist is a bit angry and my sleep is ‘good’. I guess I should be happy that I am getting the best possible sleep that I can be getting, but it’s still annoying that it doesn’t magically fix chronic fatigue. As for the angry wrist, I forgot to loosen it a bit when I went to bed last night, so it was a bit too snug for my flailing ways.

And speaking of flailing ways… *chuckles* I’m bemused by the step counts I’m supposedly wracking up with my ADHD flailing. I’ve supposedly done 2,627 steps so far today, and while that might have happened, I’m not really sure I could really get that many just puttering around the house. Who knows. It’s probably a good thing I’m only using it to ogle my heart rate and track my sleep rather than ‘getting healthy’ or whatever the crap.

For now, I’ve got a Creeper-destroyed fence to rebuild in Minecraft, and more progress on my knitting to make.


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