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Z messaged me from the office today to let me know the diagnosis on my desktop — the motherboard was knackered. Whether it was a matter of timing, or a matter of me cacking something up… well, I guess I will know if Z remembers to ask them on pick-up. The cost is reasonable considering that yanno, the computer can’t run without it. I think that I am still on course to have it back for the weekend, so woo for that. *waves tiny flag*

Work today was just… awful. *laughs* I don’t know why, but every single account I tried to balance just absolutely did not. Z said that D isn’t going to be in tomorrow, but one of us will email him tomorrow with one of the program problems that we think *might* be causing some of the issue. I hope. Otherwise, my brain might explode tomorrow, ha ha.

Still, one awesome thing happened. Dr. K called to check on me, and whether or not the ADHD referral had ever gotten anywhere. I said no, but that I did very much want it. So she’s going to chase that up again for me. She also didn’t seem too worried that I’d not seen anyone in a year, which is fair — I am mainly stable. I didn’t remember to ask about the potential to get a rolling prescription for a small amount of benzos in case of panic attacks (because they physically HURT), but it’s probably better to discuss that in person anyways.

I guess that’s about it. Back to zoning out.


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