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The good news – the repair shopped called Z, my tower is ready for collection. He’ll bring it home with him after work tomorrow, so yessss. It was an initial £65 for them to look at it (fair), and the new motherboard ended up being £80. I tried to hand over all my birthday cash to cover what I could, but Z handed some of it back to me. I’m not complaining at all, especially since I probably broke the motherboard by being clumsy. Still, yay, it comes back to me a bit better than it left me.

And well, on the whole today has been a good one. I had a nice hot soak and ended up feeling vaguely human. I built on that by getting some accounts balanced, which I really needed after having no love doing that yesterday. I’m hoping that tomorrow works out in my favour as well, but we’ll see.

Beyond that, just keeping my head down, except for having opinions on the Aziz Ansari situation. I get that it’s hard for a lot of people to process, because either nearly every man is guilty of sexual assault, and nearly every woman is a victim of it. Well, yes… that’s kind of the sad point of it. I know the cognitive dissonance is heavy, but getting past it… the healing is worth it.

Right, boop.


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