Overdue Reorganisation

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Today, I managed to get body and brain working together enough to finally do my next step in getting the glass-fronted cupboard reorganised. My new, yet-to-be-read books are on the top shelf, as I’ve been doing for a couple of years now. I got all the books that had been clogging up my side table (two stacks about two feet tall), and got them tidied away as well. The stuff that was on the middle shelf has been moved to the cupboard under the glass one, and well. I’m glad it’s sorted. I’m less glad for the levels of pain I’ve caused myself, but hopefully a good night of sleep will help that.

I’ve still got reorganising that needs doing, of course. I don’t know that such a task is ever truly over. But the next bit on the list is to get the little desk against the window behind me cleared off so I can stash the old laptop on it when my desktop returns. It won’t be too bad I think, but like… spoons. Need more spoons.

And yes, the desktop. Z got it dropped off today, and they said it would be 2-4 days. If I see it by Friday I will consider myself lucky, but on the other hand, they are usually pretty quick and do good work. The tech that Z was talking to when he dropped it off was pleased to see that it was a motherboard he was familiar with, and was admiring my innards. His rig has a GTX 1080, but he was able to agree that the 1050 TI was a pretty good piece of kit. But still, it’s moot until they figure out what I botched up and fix it. Like I said to Z, and he knows — I’m kind of embarrassed to need help to fix a fubar, but I’m not so prideful to avoid getting help from people who can do deeper diagnostics and repairs than I can. But obviously, hoping for an easy fix so I’m not out as much, hee hee.

The secondary, old laptop finished doing updates and the like last night. And to my pleasure, while the last couple of updates were going in the initial reinstall, it very kindly let me start customising. So I’ve got three of my four browsers in place with the right accounts logged in. I’ve confirmed that I can’t play Civilization VI, but I can play Sims 4. I might try putting a few other games on for fiddlyhands purposes, but the main thing it needs to be able to do is basic office functions and web browsing. Since I work tomorrow and my setup works best with two machines, I’m fairly confident that will go as ‘normal’. We’ll see.

For now, mourning a much much too soon death, and thinking about knitting.


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