Consolation Prizes

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Z took the girls on a little outing this afternoon, and they brought me back pressies. They wanted to do something to help me feel a bit better about cacking up my PC, and it certainly made me smile.

I also remembered this morning that there was a spare computer I could use. I was poking along on my netbook (which is slow AF), when I remembered that my old laptop was available now that Smalls had her new one. We were planning to give it a wipe clean and start over anyways, so I’m choosing to consider my misfortune a sharp reminder of that. It’s currently at 91% on being reset, so hopefully it will finish off soon and I can start configuring it to cover me until my PC is repaired later this week. It won’t sing or dance, but it should do all the basic things I need it to do between now and then.

And yes, I say spare while typing on my perfectly functional laptop. I have had a two computer setup pretty much since I landed here, and it does a lot to help keep me sane. I know it’s a supremely privileged setup, and I’m grateful that I can do it. I’m also grateful that I managed to figure out a stopgap before the shock wore off and I got really upset. It might seem silly to some, but it’s an unexpected disturbance to my normality, which is a very stressful thing. It’s a fairly common thing, disturbances that could even seem minor being extremely stressful for neurodivergent types.

Anyways, I’m going to wrap up here and go back to Diablo-ing. It’s the best distraction for the moment!


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