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I got it into my head today to maintenance the vacuum cleaner. After some unclogging, de-hairing, and a touch of super glue, it seemed to be in fairly good nick. So I tested it on my rug. And then I picked up toys and vacuumed the other rug. And then I ended up doing the foyer and the study; the picture is of the study carpet. Z ended up doing upstairs, which was my original intent to do anyways, ha ha. We’re both happier for it being done… not that it’s going to remain done. We’re so rubbish at keeping on top of vacuuming, ngl. But that it got done is an encouraging sign that we’re getting back into the swing of the whole school year thing.

What I’m apparently not as in the swing of anymore is going to knitting without E. She was meeting with her tutor, so wasn’t available. It amuses me ’cause I used to go by myself before introducing her to the group, but I guess her being there is the ‘new’ normal (though not very new at this point). To my pleasure, one of the ladies I don’t get to chat to as much as I’d like was waiting down in E’s seat, so we hung out with a nice balance of chat and companionable silence. I focused on working on the little cardigan instead of the blanket; I’m not convinced I can finish it for the end of next week, but I am still trying to challenge myself to do such. I’m to the shoulder shaping on the first sleeve so maybe. MAYBE.

I ended up having a talk with Smalls after dinner tonight, because she wasn’t doing a good job at listening when we were talking to her. She professed that she wished that she was ‘like she used to be’, and when I asked her what she meant by that, she meant able to listen politely. I asked her if she had the problem at school as well, and she said yes, she did. I explained a little bit about ADHD and how I do empathise — but that she still needs to up her listening game. I also said we’d sit down this weekend and discuss it, and see about getting her booked in to talk to a doctor about it. I don’t want to force a diagnosis on her or medicate her unnecessarily, but considering that I have it (even if I’m having a damned hard time getting it officially diagnosed), it’s like I told her — I don’t want her to have to suffer like I did (and still am).

Right, back to knitting.


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