The Happiest Fattytum

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This is a picture from the other day that I had forgotten I’d taken of our cat, Poison. Of our two, she’s the one that tends to health problems, so sometimes hides herself away and avoids the world. So it’s always a bit pleasing when she’s feeling enough herself to roll around in a sunbeam, basking us in the adorableness of her fluffy fattytum. She’s a bit of a little old lady these days, so I especially cherish the moments where she embraces her inner kitten.

Today is the first day of autumn. I’ve got to say, it snuck up on me, but I’m not complaining. Herein starts my favourite half of the year — the cold half. And, ironically, on the walk home today, Littler was asking me about the leaves that had fallen down. So I was telling her about autumn without clocking that it had started, derp derp. I’ve had a big stupid smile plastered on my face since I realised, hee hee.

I’ve been less smiley about our dinner, though. We had a place that we liked for kebabs, and had to date given us good service. Instead, we found the prices jacked through the roof on one site, but not another. So we ordered it from the second site, and got a lack of salad, a lack of chili sauce, and garlic mayo that was really off. Z called to ask them what the deal was, and they admitted they were trying to drive off web business ’cause they didn’t make any money on it, but that we could have the ‘right’ prices and a £10 on our next phone order. Ew, no thanks. Like, I normally inhale every bite, but I threw most of it away. I guess we’ll be getting our kebabs somewhere else in future. The next village up the road usually has pretty good kebabs, but they don’t take web orders. We are sympathetic to the cost of being on Just Eat or the sites like that, but neither of us are really happy doing phones, so phone orders are something we avoid if we can. Whatever the case, this particular locale will not be getting any future business (outside of Z going into their physical location to order £10 of stuff to be a cheeky arse, bless him).

Ah well, it could be worse. It could always be worse.

For now, back to trying to convince myself that I will manage to get this cardigan finished in the next week. I’m making good progress up the first sleeve, and the second sleeve is always faster.


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