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In addition to Z’s parents generously buying us a new bed, they have also told us to buy new linens for it. They quoted us a figure that we were bemused by… but quickly understood when we started shopping a bit more upscale like they would. And they met mum’s approval, hee hee. I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to seeing what a 350 thread count sheet feels like under my arse.

I forgot my stick when we went out, but I managed to make it around better than I thought I would. I made a point to sit down as much as I could get away with so my back didn’t murder me. I’m a bit stiff and sore, but a lot less than I would have been expected to be for that oversight. I guess how I feel tomorrow will be the real tell. I can only hope that I don’t wake up as wrecked as I did this morning. I had multiple friends with migraines yesterday, and I woke up with my neck feeling ultra sore and like it was leaning towards joining them. I took some co-codamol, and the fact I left the house is proof positive that I managed to rub two spoons together, if only just.

I don’t know if there are any plans for tomorrow yet, but I’m gonna hope for not. *grins* For one, I want to work on my knitting. For two, I don’t want to move. I figure these are admirable enough weekend goals.


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