Mushroom Party

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I noticed we had a couple of little mushrooms growing in the front yard on the way home, so I had to stop and take a few pictures. I know nothing about mushrooms other than ‘Don’t be an idiot, get them from the store’.  Even if I did educate myself, paranoia would convince me that I was gonna die no matter what happened if I went mushroom hunting. *chuckles* I don’t recall seeing shrooms sprouting up in the yard before, but I’m not going to complain; I like seeing variations of nature in our space.

I ascended again in KoL today, to my pleasure. It was my third run back, and it was a single digit run. Yeah okay, nine days, and probably should have been eight, but still. I don’t think I’d managed a hardcore run that fast since NS-13. Of course, I normally went Teetotaler, and I did again this time so I could actually use good familiars and things. I guess we’ll see how quickly it goes. And, hopefully, I will remember to not use clovers, because I need to suck it up and do the other five Bad Moon runs to get the full Brimstone gear set. And I guess I’ll have to finish the set of standard Hardcore runs to get the gear, ’cause yanno, got to have it all.

In the World of New Bed Forthcoming, things are moving. Z’s mum authorised us a very generous sum to buy new linens, which we will put to good use. We’re not going to probably go as far as their ‘shat out by angels’-level duvet, but we’ll get something better than the bog standard Tesco one we have currently. Z also got himself up there earlier and got his side of the bed reorganised. He’d been meaning to do it for ages, so I’m sure it’s a mental relief to have it sorted (but not a physical, because lots of heavy shifting). I’ll have to get the vacuum up there in the next day or two and try to get things a little bit spiffed up, though I’m sure removing the old bed will suddenly find piles of dust bunnies and funk to remove. We’ll see.

For now, I should probably reclaim my desk and get my bag packed for later.


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