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Cats being cute is always camera fodder. Cat glaring at me because I dare bother her even from across the room? Even better. *laughs* She held that pose for a long slow count of ten before shifting; I guess I am a chagrined servant of the furry overlord, ha ha.

I guess I wasn’t paying her enough attention, as I was busy doing ALL THE THINGS today. I can’t really claim it was the productive sort, as my mind kept wandering and struggling to focus. For example, I didn’t finish my daily journalling until like, an hour ago. I try to get that done closer to noon if at all possible, not dashing off words on the way to dinner. But never mind. As long as the things get done, that’s the main thing. Some work-work got done. Some bracelets got made for my summer fete stock. It might not be concentrated productivity on a scale that I would prefer, but I will instead choose to be grateful for what I do manage in spite of the ADHD.

Anyways, I should go work on something or other. Dord!


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