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Today’s planned outing was to go wander around the grocery store, in part to acquire needed staples like biscuits (cookies). In short, it was an excuse to get the girls out of the house for a little bit, ha ha. I took this picture of Littler while we were waiting for Z and Smallhausen to finish checking out. As usual, she is quite pleased with herself.

The little trip hit me hard though. I felt fine when we were out, but i got slammed by a headache when we got back. I figure that it probably was not getting enough hydration going on on this, a rather hot day. And, I suspect, that even with having taken pain meds and more water, the fact someone is burning something nearby isn’t helping. We get that with some frequency; even if bonfiring isn’t legal, that doesn’t stop people from doing it… usually in proximity to me. *shakes head* We even had one neighbour once who tried to claim repeatedly it wasn’t him, when our lounge window overlooked his back garden, and his fire. His were worse than this organic smelling one; he had no compunction about burning things that probably should not have been burnt.


Knitting is going well, when I remember to pull myself away from gaming devices. I’ve actually just about hit my point of ‘that’s enough gaming’ where I want to knit more instead. It’s sort of nice? I mean, I’m always knitting a bit, but it had dropped off to very little at home. I think that a part of that is that knitting with chunky, while fast building, is hard on my back. The pieces that I’m doing right now are in aran, and 3-ply(-ish). My back is still a tiny bit cranky from the increased knitting, but it hurts a lot less than the thicker stuff.

Right, back to that, and thinking good thoughts to my friends dealing with Hurricane Harvey back in Texas. The Dallas folk are well out of the way, but I still have plenty of friends in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and the places that sprawl out from there.



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