Vampires, Innit

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Say what you will for or against, Sims 4, but it sure is purdy. And I have to say that I am finding the vampire mechanics a lot of fun. They were overpowered to the point of boring in Sims 3, especially when you could buy the lifetime wish that made them immune to sunlight. There’s some mechanic for it in this iteration, but each vamp comes with a customisable skill tree, which is a neat addition. I’ve not gotten into the parenthood pack much yet (they only just had a baby), but we’ll see how that goes.

Poking at that has been the bulk of my day, ha ha. I’ve gotten a few rows of knitting done, and hopefully will get a few more done this evening. Z isn’t feeling that great, so I’m attempting to keep my ears up in case he needs my help with things. I’ve not done as well on this count as one ideally would like, but I’m trying.

And Z, bless him, tried his hand at loom knitting. It… didn’t go well. He broke the bones in one of his hands when he was younger and didn’t know about it, so it healed funny. He’s fine most of the time, but doing things that require him to fist up like knitting and crochet cause him a lot of pain. I should make a point to try to figure it out to teach the girls… once I can get my brain to process it should be learning a new thing. *doinks brain*

Right, off to more… not doing this. xD


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